The FHC Summer Internship is an opportunity to be challenged, stretched and moved out of your comfort zone. This program is designed to give you the necessary tools, training and instruction enabling you to fulfill the call that God has placed on your life…whatever that may be!



+ Internship Leader: Pastor Nancy Shannon


+ Dates: June 12 - August 7

+ Times: 10am - 3pm (Mon-Thurs.)

+ Ages: 16-25

+ Price: $299  *Sponsorship opportunities available.




Azalia Uribe (Admin Contact)
Phone: 708.614.6000
Email: Azalia@fhclife.org

(Applications are due May 15, 2017)



   + Worship & Music

   + TV & Media

   + Resource 

   + Marketing & Communications

   + Children & Youth

   + Service & Conference Management

+ Facility Operations

+ Admin & Hospitality

+ Pastoral



+ Out of comfort zone challenges

+ Supervisor mentorship

+ Community outreach


+ Involvement in ministry operations

+ Spiritual fasting

+ Physical fitness routines



+ Weekly teaching by staff

+ Weekly intern Bible studies

+ Teaching from lead pastors



"I attended the Youth Internship Program during the Summer right after I Graduated Highschool.  I knew it was going to challenge me, equip me, and draw me closer to God - so I made a decision I was going to believe that I would have the finances to attend and sustain me while I was on internship.  That Summer was a huge turning point in my life!  The atmosphere of the internship challenged and inspired me from Day #1.    We were taught and trained by many different Pastors, lecturers, trainers, as well as through books, hands on projects, and learning from each other…  I grew in my understanding of the scriptures, learned to memorize & meditate on the scriptures, prepare and present sermons, learned how to study the Bible, as well as practical everyday skills: time management, speed reading, organizing, being resourceful, manners & etiquette, and the list goes on and on.   Group Discussions challenged me to defend my faith, Team building Time created lifelong relationships, and priceless memories!  I even got to plan out our Youth Camp that year for the Teen Ministry.  It was Quite and Experience!  My time in the internship was invaluable and helped me realize the call of God on my life.  It catapulted me into the ministry that following fall and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!"

- Chelsea N, Age 30

2003 - 2004 Internship Alumni

"FHC Summer Internship: it was definitely a stretching, changing and growing season for me. I just moved to Illinois from Tennessee so it was the perfect way to jump right in and focus and allow God to work on the inside of me! It was really refreshing fun time to be able to spend my summer with other young believers that had the same motivation and wanted to get more direction for their life! I would for sure recommend it for anyone who has the opportunity to be a part of something great!"

- Lindsey K. , Age 33

2004-2005 Internship Alumni


Is payment due at the time of application?

  • Applications are due May 15th
  • Pay in full is due by May 15th.
  • If you need to split up the tuition into payments, we are willing to work with you. (Please contact Pastor Nancy)

How do i apply for sponsorship?

  • Those interested in receiving a sponsorship must fill out the online application and on it indicate a sponsorship need.
  • Applicants will be selected for sponsorship by FHC Staff based on their need and how they answer the questions in the application. 

What does the tuition cost include?

  • All Internship teachings, activities, and outreaches
  • Study books and binders