Bella Garden

Community Garden
In Tinley Park!

Have you always wanted to grow your own flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Here is your opportunity! We have space for you in our community garden.


  • 700 POUNDS:   Bella Undaunted’s Community Garden provided over 700 pounds of fresh vegetables to two community pantries in 2013 and 2014.
  • ORGANIC:   This year the garden will be bigger and we expect to have a greater harvest. All of the produce grown for the pantry is organic and pesticide-free.
  • ALL WELCOME:   You are welcome to participate in taking care of this part of the garden while working on your own plot. Groups are welcome to participate. It can be used as a learning tool for adults and children.
  • BUTTERFLY GARDEN: his year will also include a butterfly garden. The garden is going to be part of the Monarch Watch. We will be including plants that all the butterflies can survive on. It will be used for educational purposes to show why we need pollinators and why we need milkweed and other plants for the survival of the Monarch butterfly. Without pollinators our produce cannot grow.
  • YEARLY IMPROVEMENTS:   Each year we are doing things to enhance the garden.
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