Car Wash Fundraiser 8/5 – Youth Summer Camp! 💦🚗


On August 5th, Sunday from 9am-12pm, we’re having a Car Wash!

Fundraiser for our FHC Youth Summer Camp!

Here’s how it will work:
1. Park your car in the front parking lot. 🚗
2. We’ll give you a number for your car when you walk into church. 🔢
3. We’ll bring your car to the car wash station located by the outdoor basketball courts. 🏀
4. Go enjoy service and hear a great sermon from our wonderful Pastor Robb.
5. We’ll clean your car during service and bring it back to where you parked after we’re done!
6. After service, exchange the number we gave you for your newly washed car. 💦🚗
7. Drive home lookin’ good and feelin’ good because you just helped one of our youth go to Summer Camp!
*You can also wait until after service to get your car cleaned! Only the leaders will be moving around the cars during service!😁*
Make sure you bring $5 and a dirty car! 🚙
See you then! 👋

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