Wisdom For Living

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Wisdom For Living


What is the difference between a wise man and a foolish man? What does a wise woman do that a foolish woman does not? How does the path and destination of the foolish compare to that of the wise?

Digging deep into the riches of the Book of Proverbs, author, speaker, and life coach, Dr. Robb Thompson teaches listeners the skills and techniques that enabled him to harness the power of God’s Wisdom and translate it into personal and professional success. He also reveals the devastating traps Solomon warns us to avoid – traps that rob us of our happiness, health, family, and all potential for financial prosperity or success.

You will learn key principles such as:

  • Wisdom is available to all; but only those of passionate pursuit will obtain it.
  • The value you place upon wisdom determines what wisdom produces in you.
  • Happiness, and no less, is the reward of a man who seeks wisdom. 

As you apply the rare insights that are shared in this rich series, you will unearth the power of wisdom that has transformed the lives of thousands!

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