Connect Group Leader's Weekly Summary Report

CG Facilitator *
CG Facilitator
Meeting Date *
Meeting Date
Please list adult and children's names, 11 years and younger, that were present.
Please list visitor's information (all data must be complete before they are counted in attendance): First and last name, Phone number, Address, Birthday.
Where there any changes to the group: location, time, etc.
Please ask for prayer requests and praise reports from your CG. Please list all in this section.
Did your Connect Group have an outreach this past week? If so, describe the event (What time was it held, who in your CG attended, where did it take place, were their any challenges, etc...).
As a Connect Group Facilitator, have you seen spiritual growth in the members of your CG, as they participated in your CG and/or from the outreaches you held? Please describe below.