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Spiritual Growth Testimonies

“I have seen a lot of guys being more open in my group to listen and be apart of my group. I think I have had around 50 guys come into my group and hear the word. Most of them do not come to church or attend a church so its really cool to see them just listen and engage in group and being touched by the Word that they are receiving.” 

Dan Geraci: Young Men's Basketball

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“Since my CG has members that have developmental and intellectual disabilities and some dealing with mental illness, Shelle and I both could see by the end of the 7 weeks together, they were more receptive. They participated in the group, they actually made action steps towards their goals every week and were excited about coming. They were encouraged to keep moving forward with their goals, even though the group has ended.” 

Ericka Moore: Goal Setting

“The girls are learning to trust God in the everyday things, like school, friends, and respecting authority.” 

Megan Shapiro: Junior High Girl's Group


“I can see such growth praying the word of God with such understanding being led by the Holy Spirit. They truly getting the vision for the Pastors and the church.” 

Elizabeth Sucharzewski: Intercessory Prayer

“I have seen growth in each and every member of our group. They walk more by faith than before and God is able to answer their prayers.” 

Jill Grahovec: Healing

“I think the group is growing spiritually because everyone is now participating in the small group discussions and taking note of the scriptures. They are sharing their life experiences and testimonies. There is also the joy of being able to laugh together.” 

Barbara Williams: Current Sermon Series

“I have noticed an increased hunger in some of the group members as we go to God in prayer.” 

Bobby and Lildella Douglas: House of Prayer

“The entire group has a ZEAL for the things of God. Learning about the Holy spirit & His Gifts has taught us that praying in tongues and desiring the gifts should be a priority to a believer. It is the "power" that a believer has to go about doing the good works the Lord has predestined for us. We all hare hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and have had the Word Of Knowledge operate in our prayer time together! We all are going to continue in our study after the holidays. It has been really wonderful.” 

Lee Ann Piano: Holy Spirit's Voice


“The ladies have an understanding of the power of confessing the word and speaking to their mountains! It was amazing to watch the Holy Spirit reveal to them their identity in Christ! Every single lady has been transformed because of the basic principles of confessing the word, believing what God says about them and their circumstances and bringing their thoughts captive to the authority of the word of God!” 

Patty Ridings: Women's Faith Bootcamp