Connect Groups are small groups of people that meet together on a regular basis. They offer a place to connect with others and build relationships.

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Thinking Outside The 4 Walls

"The monthly outreaches we do helped get me out of the 4 walls of Connect Group and built up my understanding of Ephesian 6:12: 'For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.'"

- Anna Jones


Heart Of Gratitude

"Being a part of Connect Groups has inspired inside of us a heart of gratitude for what we know and heart of compassion for those that do not know."

- Elizabeth Sucharzewski

Mindful of Community

"Outreaches helped us connect with group members outside of our meetings, get to know the needs of the community, and actually do the hands on 'work' of the ministry."

 - Lisa Voightmann


Greatly Grown

"My family and I have grown greatly by doing the monthly outreaches. The kids and I have learned the importance of loving others and serving our community. It is a great opportunity to show them by example. We are learning so much. We are thankful to be able to do these!"

 - Carolyn Mattes

Utilizing Talents

"I’ve enjoyed the Connect Groups because we get to utilize the gifts and talents that God has given us!"

 - Ella Studer



"We have grown by giving of our time for the needs of others. It helps us recognized how blessed we are. It's the least we can do to help those who are hurting, are in need, or unable to help themselves."

 - Mark Voightman

Redeemed Time

"We have definitely grown by faith, believing God at His word because He says in Ephesians 6:8 whatever we make happen for others God will make happen for us. One practical example is my husband and I have the most full schedules, yet God honors our time back some kind of way because we think of others before ourselves."

- Patricia Reed 


Revelation and Wisdom

"Connect Groups have helped me study the Word and have given me revelation and wisdom. The outreaches have given me a chance to minister to others and sow and share. I want to be more faithful in the little things. I don’t do this because I was told to do it but because Jesus said preach and make disciples. I am glad God has given me this tool thru Connect Groups. I am so very blessed in every area."

 - EnSook Ahn

"It’s nice to think outside the box!"

- Pam Geallis


"Some of the girls were not use to praying in a group setting and now they can!"

 - Janet Nolan

Increased Faith

"Lil Will is doing an outreach ministry at college and witnessing on his own as a result of doing monthly outreaches at FHC. I have become bolder in sharing my faith. We have seen signs and wonders. We have seen people receive salvation, healing, jobs, restored relationships with other people and God. Our faith has in increased in God's word for ourselves and others because of seeing God's faithfulness in every situation. We have always talked about the expectations we have had and seen in outreaches. Outreaches have shown us God's power outside of the four walls of the church and our home."

 - Joyce Butler


Living Out The Word

"There is absolutely no doubt that my family and I have grown by doing out reaches. We prayed for God to lead us to a church where we can practice and live the Word. Where there are examples, that we can see, of what living and being doers of the Word look like. Now, we get to be an example, and I'm not saying that we have arrived but we are on that road. Personally, I feel closer to God because I believe that I am obeying His Word to go out into all the world, to help the widow, feed the homeless, care for the sick, give to those that have need, and visit the imprisoned. We do these things because we love Him and we want to please Him."  

 - Will Butler

Maturity In Christ

"Through the outreaches we do in Connect Groups we get to see how acts of kindness brightens the day of others. It also allows us to slow down and put the needs of others above ourselves which is helpful for maturity in Christ."

 - Bobby Douglas