A Steward’s Journey




6 CDs

Join Dr. Robb Thompson, his wife, Linda, and Victor Dickson on a Steward’s Journey, discovering heaven’s answers to life’s greatest challenges. In this series, you will learn the keys to biblical stewardship and generosity! The Bible tells us, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” But, why is this? The answers are contained in these powerful messages that will transform your life. Our prayer is that this voyage will not only change you and your family but will also impact many generations to come. Trusting God is the most natural and rewarding endeavor anyone could ever embark on, no matter what the circumstances!

  • CD#1 – A Prosperous Journey
  • CD#2 – The Seed I
  • CD#3 – The Seed II
  • CD#4 – Faithful Stewardship
  • CD#5 – Attitude
  • CD#6 – God’s Kind of Steward

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