Are You A Parasite Or A Protege?




4 CDs

In these vital messages, Dr. Robb Thompson exposes the truth about people’s motives and agendas in relationships. You will learn how to discern the intentions of people in your life as well as how to position yourself correctly in theirs.

With the wisdom that comes from seasoned experienced and pursuing God’s Word, Dr. Thompson shares profound principles such as:

  • A parasite respects with his words, but not with his heart; a protege lets his actions be the spokesman of his heart.
  • A parasite concentrates on surpassing the mentor, while a protege concentrates on pleasing his mentor.
  • A parasite asks, “What can I get out this relationship?” A protege proceeds from, “What can I put into this relationship?” to “What is my mentor getting out of his relationship with me?”

The relationships you have determine the success (or failure) you have in life. Be certain you make the right choices.

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