Weekly Encouragement – Salvation 💯

Weekly Encouragement - Salvation 💯

It Would Not Be Satisfying To Have A Long Life Of Struggles.

We Want To See God Showing Us His Mighty Favor & Power…


God is our SOURCE of Salvation!

Salvation: Preserve, save, etc.

Christians sometimes view the word Salvation in a limited sense.

To “…save us from harm or evil…” (only)!

Salvation means so much more:

Salvation means preserving and saving us from meager, average, mundane, ordinary living; receiving the best of the best!

Salvation means, better & better!

Salvation means continual growth!

Salvation means progress!

Salvation means experiencing God’s best!

Salvation means continually entering into more and greater life!

Salvation means to save us from the level we just graduated out of!

Salvation infers constant improvement…

God will even save us from remaining in GOOD
at the expense of moving into GREAT!

Salvation is a vibrant, fluid perspective of God’s will to expand our
lives in the living proof of His goodness!

Salvation is ever increasing good shown to us by God!

My Prayer For You:

I Believe God Is Showing You His Goodness Today… I Am Praying For You To See His Goodness And Be Continually Satisfied By Everything Great He Is Bringing Into Your Life…

Be Blessed This Week… I’m Looking Forward To Seeing You Tonight At Our LEAD Conference… My Good Friend, Rick Renner Will Be Sharing With Us, And I Really Want You To Be There… Invite Your Friends And Family… See You Soon…

~ Pastor Robb 🙏

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